Nampa Floors & Interiors Bill Payment

Pay Your Bill via eCheck

Enter the name on your invoice, the invoice number, and the amount you want to pay. If you would like to pay for multiple invoices enter all invoice numbers separated by commas. Then click Pay Bill.

Once you are on the checkout screen you will enter your billing address and eCheck banking information.

An eCheck is utilized just like a Paper Check, so you will need the exact same information that is located on your Paper Checks.  If you do not have Paper Checks you can get this information from your bank or online banking profile.

Your Routing number is 9 digits long and is the first numbers located on the bottom of your physical checks.  This number represents the specific bank that you are using.

Your Account number is usually 8-10 digits long and is located right after your routing number on the bottom of your checks.

Once your eCheck is processed, we will send you a receipt to the email address associated with your account.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to give me a call.

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